Behran Filter





Introduction To The Application Of Nano Technology

In Gas Turbine Air Filtration.

 Papers covered with nano fibers:

One of the latest advancements in Filtration is the use of Nano Technology. With this technique surface large cellulose and synthetic fibers (usually with diameter of 10 to 50 Ķm) covered with very fine nano fibers(usually with diameter of 50 to 400 Nm).

   The main usage of this technology is in air filtration of gas turbines with reverse pulse cleaning system.

   Two main Benefits of this technology are:

    1-  Filtration efficiency improvement, by decreasing of pore sizes.

    2-  Increasing of filter's lifetime, due to surface filtration.


Covering Filter Paper with Nano Fibers

Using an electric field, the filter paper is laid down by a polymeric layer of nano fibers, before of pleating.

A very high voltage forms the polymer as fibers with nanometric diameters.


Structure of Filter Paper and Particle Separation Methods

There is two different ways:

1. Depth filtration: Particles are separated in different layers of depth of filter paper, in terms of their sizes.

2. Surface filtration: All of particles are separated in the surface of filter paper, due to use of nano fibers.



Advantages of Nano Technology in Filtration

 Improvement in Protection of Turbine

Pores formed by intersections of nano fibers are very smaller than the pores of usual filter paper. This case causes an extend in efficiency of separation and protection of turbines.


                  Fouled Stator                        Clean Stator

                (behind common filter)                  (behind nano filter)


Extending Filterís Life

Putting a layer of nano fibers on the inlet of filter paper (dirty air side), we achieve to the surface filtration. So, all of the separated particles remain in the outside of filter paper and filter revives truly at the pulse time.


Performance enhancement

Common Filter :  150 mmWG

Filter with Nano Fibers :  60 mmWG

Power Gain(150-60)=90mmWG  equals

1.4% more power output

=150x1.4x8000=16800 MWhour


Effect of Nano Fibers on the Efficiency of Filters:

(Tested on Behran Filterís Filter Papers)

           Efficiency test according to ASHRAE 52.2 Standard



Efficiency test according to EN779:2002 Standard